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You play a pig named Pauly that escaped a slaughter farm and is running towards freedom. Escape the torchlight of the chasing pack and use your extraordinary powers to progress through the procedurally generated world.
How far can you get?


  • Play a pig with super strength
  • Endless procedurally generated 3d world
  • Six different biomes
  • Smash rocks with destructible physics
  • Play inside a destruction sandbox to wreak even more havoc

How to Play

  • Run away!
  • Don't get caught by the bright torchlight of the hunting pack
  • Collect yellow mushrooms to restore your stamina
  • Collect the blue mushroom to restore lots of stamina and health
  • While sprinting you can smash small obstacles and run on water
  • Avoid traps and red mushrooms


  • Use your stamina wisely and keep sprinting for as long as possible. Whenever you start to sprint this costs you a chunk of your stamina!
  • If you are having troubles finding the right direction consider enabling the navigation arrow from the game settings
  • If you are having any performance issues start by turning down the view distance in the settings


  • WASD: Move around
  • Mouse: Look around
  • Shift: Sprint in exchange for stamina

Thanks for checking out this game and feel free to leave a comment with your highest score! :)

Install instructions

If you have any troubles running the game you should install the depencencies (UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe).


Pauly.zip 339 MB


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Cool game! I made a video on it for you!

looks like fun


Interesting idea...I had fun trying to beat my score, hopefully you continue to build it and add gameplay elements. Also, the fact that the pigs name is Pauly in no way contributed to me using a New York mobster accent......................................................

Hi Spoonage,

awesome video! It's always nice to see people playing your game, especially if they are sharing their thoughts on it. I like how you figured everything out and I am glad that you liked the game :)
Thanks for checking Pauly out!

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Hey Guys, 

I just did a quick video on Pauly the Pig and when you click Launch it just runs the UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe so I had to show local files and click Pauly.exe.

It's nice little game and admittedly it's a little late here so I didn't do particularly long video for which I apologies. Great graphics, controls are good and the atmosphere is also great. I enjoyed the game and intend to play some more.

[Give it a few minutes to finish processing]

Thanks Devs



Hi wobblyfootgamer,

Dev here. Thanks for your feedback and the commented gameplay video! I just reuploaded the game and made sure launching from the itch.io application works (you might have to re-install though).
There have also been some tips added to the project page in case you want to give it another go :)

Have fun!